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Sound Healing

The other day I was having a conversation with a friend, and he asked me, “Does sound have healing properties?” I responded, “Of course, it is possible. Let me explain to you how I see it from my perspective.”

In short, the origin of everything is frequency. For example, frequency = 3000 Hz. This means that cells or atoms vibrate at a rate of = 3000 times per second and produce resonance and an electromagnetic field which is responsible for forming atoms or liquid crystals.

So in the world of reality, everything, even your body, is created from matter, and this matter gives everything massive detail, created by frequency. Through precise mathematical equations, everything your eye sees or perceives by the senses is produced into what we call reality.

We now understand that everything in the universe results from an equation of frequencies, not just one frequency. But you can collect vibrating frequencies in different proportions from each other, but not in random proportions. Moreover, remember that you can collect them to broadcast at the exact moment. Here lies one of the secrets of the creation theory related to numbers and physical and mathematical equations.

Binaural Beats are two waves of two different frequencies, one of which is higher than the other by a precise ratio, which has a mathematical and physical basis that results from many mathematical equations. Each ear receives a different frequency when the two waves are added together, producing wave impulses that can affect the brain waves. Such as alpha waves, which have vibrations that are the product of frequencies between 8-12 Hz.

The meeting of the two waves in an accurate ratio with a mathematical basis produces the Binaural Beats or two waves of two different frequencies in each ear. They affect the brain waves, which thus affect brain chemistry and the proportions of hormone secretions responsible for your mood, health, and the production of ideas.

And not only that, but frequencies have destructive characteristics, and destruction can lead to prosperity. For example, if a cancer cell is destroyed, it is considered a treatment through destruction.

We can see the example of a glass cup breaking when a specific sound is directed toward it. The sound used in this experiment has the same frequency as the glass. When these two frequencies meet, they create an equal resonance (Feedback effect) which causes the glass to break.

I have stepped into this world of sound healing by creating these musical sound treatments. Suppose I use a specific scale of music that starts with a specific note. This note has a particular vibration and frequency. Based on this, I compose harmony according to this frequency. After that process, before I can complete the music as medicine, I add specific frequencies according to equations and relationships between frequency, vibrations, and resonance. This produces medicine music that affects the brainwaves and offers healing benefits through binaural beats. I have also created a new method using vibrational patterns according to numerology, creating a more profound healing experience.

(I try the treatment on myself first and then on those around me to get results that confirm the effectiveness of the treatment before publishing it).

After all, I can say that, yes, sound has therapeutic healing properties. But if you can understand what sound is and how one word of three letters can contain frequencies. Then understand that equations produce an effect. So here we ask what those literal equations are and the numerical mathematical equation that creates the healing effect.

Finally, I can share that consciousness is the origin of things, the artist, or the magnet that attracts the mosaic of reality. The substance of the universe is consciousness.

Written by: Salah Mounir

Translated by: Bonni Sue