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Winter Ritual Box

Winter Ritual Box

Are you looking for something to help hold you accountable on your healing journey? Then the Seasonal Ritual Box is perfect for you! These boxes are great for beginners just starting on their spiritual journey or even someone already deep in the process, looking to go a bit deeper with additional guidance. I am here for you along the way.

Each box will include over 30 items I carefully crafted or handpicked with thoughtful intention and mindfulness. Just a few items you have to look forward to receiving in your Ritual Box this time around: a 80+ page Seasonal Activity Book, which I have independently published, Crystals, a whole Collection of healing essential oil blends, weekly rituals for all sorts of occasions and days every week.

Boxes will be shipped prior to Seasonal changes and should be opened as a celebration of the new season if you can resist. ;)

Summer Solstice Ritual Box Contents:

  1. ⭐️Summer Solstice Ritual Activity Book
  2. 🌟100 page Journal
  3. ⭐️Wooden Dreamcatcher Box
  4. 🌟7 Chakra Candles
  5. ⭐️7 Chakra Roll-On Oils
  6. 🌟Nag Champa Incense
  7. ⭐️Sun Incense Holder
  8. 🌟Sage
  9. ⭐️7 Chakra Sage
  10. 🌟Palo Santo
  11. 🌟Sunrise Crystal Tea Infusion
  12. ⭐️Sunset Crystal Tea Infusion
  13. ⭐️Candle Holder
  14. 🌟Mortar & Pestle
  15. ⭐️Charcoal Discs
  16. 🌟Charcoal Burner
  17. ⭐️Chakra Selenite Charging Plate
  18. 🌟Cinnamon Abundance Rituals
  19. ⭐️Moon Water Ritual Vessel
  20. 🌟Chakra Crystal Sun Catcher Ritual Kit
  21. ⭐️Summer Blend Incense Ritual Kit
  22. 🌟Magic Fairy Garden Wand Ritual Kit
  23. ⭐️Chakra Healing Poppet Ritual Kit
  24. 🌟Anti-Anxiety Infused Jar Ritual Kit
  25. ⭐️Chakra Crystal Grid Ritual Kit
  26. 🌟Chakra Healing Candle Dressing Ritual Kit
  27. ⭐️Chakra Aligning Spray Ritual Kit
  28. 🌟Chakra Healing Dream Pillow Ritual Kit
  29. ⭐️Boundary Protection Salt Ritual Kit
  30. 🌟Money Abundance Bowl Ritual Kit
  31. ⭐️Chakra Sun Spinner Ritual Kit
  32. 🌟Cleansing & Protecting Vinegar Ritual Kit

I am only creating 20 boxes each season, so once they are gone, that’s it. There are a couple of ways that you can get in on the fun. I will sell the boxes individually, or you can lock yourself in for the whole year and save. Plus, my website even offers payment plans.

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