"The 1000 Goddesses Labyrinth was inspired by the Tibetan Prophecy that when 1000 Goddesses or Tibetan Buddhist Taras unite, then the tone of our Sacred Earth shall shift from Fear to Compassion."

The Labyrinth Space

The labyrinth was built the first weekend of November, 2021 by a collective group trying to raise the vibrations of the earth.

The 1000 Goddesses Labyrinth is a community project that is living, breathing, and growing every day. Take a walk to ease your mind, clear your head, and connect to your spirit, within one of the many vortexes located in this beautiful city.

The labyrinth is located at Sara Park. Across the street from the dog park in the dirt BLM area. Parking is available and the labyrinth is a short walk around a small hill. There are 2 trails that will lead you to the labyrinth and ceremony space which will be located on the right when walking towards the lake.

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