Greetings Magical Light Being

I'm Bonni Sue, and I'm deeply grateful for your presence here on my website. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. My journey as a Shadow Worker began long before I realized it, but it took a profound life-altering experience to illuminate the path I was meant to tread. Instead of shying away from darkness, I've always found solace and understanding within its depths. From a young age, I recognized that darkness holds invaluable wisdom and transformative potential, offering opportunities for profound healing and growth.

In the beginning of my journey, fresh out of high school, I found myself drawn into the world of healthcare, following the path paved by my dad's wife, who was a nurse. For over 15 years, I immersed myself in this abundant field, constantly expanding my knowledge and preparing for nursing school.

However, in 2010, everything changed. A profound event altered the course of my life forever. In the wake of a harrowing accident where I was viciously attacked by a dog at an animal shelter, I found myself relying heavily on Western Medicine, entrusting my well-being to doctors. Yet, as time passed, I began to see through the fog of prescriptions and treatments, realizing the dark path of dependency they were leading me down.

It was in 2011 that I chose a different route. Refusing to be trapped by the clutches of pharmaceuticals, I made a conscious decision to break free from the chains of prescribed medications, bidding farewell to Western Medicine. Embracing alternative avenues of healing, I delved into the transformative power of yoga and plant medicine with a renewed purpose.

As I embarked on this new journey of self-discovery and healing, I found myself drawn to explore the depths of yoga's ancient wisdom. Setting my intentions on understanding its rich history and practice, I embarked on a quest for knowledge and deeper healing that would take me across the globe.

In 2013, my journey took a bold turn as I embraced a nomadic lifestyle, trading the comforts of conventional living for the freedom of the open road. Accompanied by my faithful companions, my two hound dogs, I embarked on an odyssey across 44 states within the United States, all from the humble confines of my trusty truck, The Beast. For 8 transformative years, I lived and breathed the nomadic spirit, immersing myself in the diverse landscapes and cultures that unfolded before me. Along the way, I ventured into the spiritual havens of Rishikesh, India, where I studied yoga in 2016, and the captivating landscapes of Chiang Mai and Pai, Thailand, where I delved into Thai Massage and Foot Reflexology in 2017.

My quest for healing expanded my horizons as I traversed distant lands, immersing myself in diverse cultures and teachings that resonated with my soul's journey through the Healing Arts. Along the way, I earned certifications and specialized training in various modalities, deepening my practice, including:

♡ Mastering the sacred arts of Usui, Tibetan, Seichem, and Kundalini Reiki
♡ Practicing the transformative healing of Kambô with IAKP as a Certified Practitioner.
♡ Nurturing mind-body wellness as a 500+ hour Certified Yoga Teacher and Pranayama (Breathwork) Teacher. Specializing in sequencing Kundalini, Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin, Restorative, Pre Natal, and Vinyasa styles.
♡ Honing the therapeutic art of Thai Massage and Foot Reflexology, leading to accupressure point therapy utilizing therapeutic Cupping modalities.
♡ Guiding others on their spiritual paths as a Shamanic Life Coach, holding ceremonial healing spaces in private and group settings, utilizing frequency and vibrational musical instruments and sacred plant medicines.
♡ As a Sacred Tool Maker, I specialize in crafting sacred objects designed to serve as channels for healing, transformation, and spiritual connection.

Additionally, I have been initiated into the profound Munay Ki Rites and ordained as a Minister with the Universal Life Church. Passionate about facilitating transformative experiences, I hold ceremonial spaces where individuals can explore the healing potential of sacred medicines like Kambô, Sananga, Rapé, Psilocybin, Cannabis, and Cacao.

As a shadow worker over the years, I have experienced a sense of conflict or tension when trying to fit into the lightworker community or other spiritual circles. Shadow work and light work represent distinct approaches to healing and spiritual growth. Shadowwork involves shining a light on uncomfortable truths, unresolved emotions, and suppressed aspects of the self, while lightworkers focus on promoting positivity and light.

Even though shadow workers and lightworkers may have different primary focuses and intentions, they often share a common toolbox of modalities and techniques aimed at supporting individuals on their journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment.

Since shadow workers may bring awareness to darker or taboo subjects that others may prefer to avoid, this can make some individuals uncomfortable or resistant to engaging with shadow work. This fundamental difference in focus and approach can create a sense of dissonance or misunderstanding between shadow and light workers.

Understanding this difference in practice is important. The work that I do involves confronting the darker, hidden aspects of the self, which can be intimidating for those who are not ready or willing to explore their own shadows. Fear of the unknown can lead some individuals to project their discomfort onto shadow workers, labeling them as "bad" or "dangerous." When individuals feel challenged or triggered by the shadow work process, they may react defensively as a way to protect themselves from feeling vulnerable or exposed.

Embracing shadow work requires courage, vulnerability, and a willingness to confront one's own darkness. It is a path of complete transformation and evolution that may not resonate with everyone. While some individuals may be drawn to the light and positivity of light work, others may feel called to explore the depths of their psyche and embrace the shadow as an integral part of their spiritual journey.

Today, I am rooted in the tranquil embrace of Lake Havasu City, Arizona, where I have created a Sacred Space open to those wishing to start their journey or dive deeper, while eagerly anticipating the opportunity to continue my adventures, traveling with the rhythm of the seasons.

Additionally, I am pleased to offer many of my services remotely, allowing us to work together regardless of geographical location. Through the convenience of virtual sessions, distance is no longer a barrier to accessing the transformative power of healing work that lies before you. Whether you're across the globe or just around the corner, we can embark on this journey of healing and self-discovery together.

My heart overflows with gratitude for the privilege of living out my dreams and spreading transformative self-healing wherever my journey takes me. I have signed my spiritual contract to serve individuals who are drawn to explore the depths of their psyche and unravel the layers of their subconscious mind.

Those who are not afraid to confront their darkness and seek authenticity and wholeness are my people—helping those seeking deeper meaning, and healing in their lives and are willing to embark on the courageous journey of confronting your shadows. Holding space with a compassionate and nonjudgmental approach to shadow work can provide you with guidance and support, allowing you to navigate your inner terrain and emerge stronger, wiser, and more whole.

With unwavering commitment, I pledge to remain a perpetual student of life, ceaselessly learning, growing, and healing.

I look forward to holding space for you.

Bonni Sue