Magic in the Sacral Chakra

Magic in the Sacral Chakra

"I love all dimensions of Myself. I delight in wearing the creative tapestry that is my life."
A powerful chakra with two ways of channeling energy. Emotionally/Sexually or Creativity. The second chakra in our main chakra system, the Sacral Chakra, Svadisthana in Sanskrit, is located about 2 inches below the navel. Sva means "self," and adhisthana means "dwelling place, seat, or residence." The term then means "the abode of self." It governs the womb, reproductive organs, lower vertebrae, compulsions, appendix, pelvis, bladder, and kidneys. This chakra is also associated with the sense of taste.

It is such a beautiful chakra to focus on healing work. When we are connected to and understand our emotions, we can experience healthy relationships, both romantically and platonically. This is an excellent sign that your sacral chakra is open and balanced. Creativity flows freely with freedom of self-expression. You can feel satisfied and secure. You will have a high level of compassion and sexual expression, be comfortable and be able to share and express your feelings in healthy ways. You are aligned with sensuality and in touch with pleasures. You know you live in abundance and have a healthy relationship with money.

When this chakra is unbalanced, you may experience physical, emotional, and mental symptoms because of the location of the chakra. Physical symptoms include chronic lower back pain, pelvic pain, sciatica, gynecological problems, impotence, and uterine, bladder, and kidney problems.

For example, you may experience co-dependency or obsessive attachments, guilt, blame, greed, shame, power, and control on an emotional and mental level. You may also express resentment, prejudice, envy, rage, and jealousy. In addition, you could experience a fear of change and a lack of social skills, desires, and creativity.

Most people who have addictions or have suffered from sexual abuse, trauma, rape, or gender issues may also suffer from an imbalanced sacral chakra. As a result, you may be irresponsible or invasive towards others. You may even suffer from seductive manipulation. It can also be tough to express your feelings, especially about unprocessed anger stemming from the root chakra.

In turn, there can be overstimulation of this chakra. When this happens, we may find ourselves dealing with emotionalism, manipulation, suffering from addiction, and engaging in intense sexual conduct. The second chakra can also invoke a lot of contradictions within us. The energy of the root chakra is singular and isolated within us, whereas the energy of the second chakra involves other humans.

This second chakra within our main chakra system provides us with the tools in which we build on our foundation (the root chakra). It is comparable to the construction workers, in a sense. It is the space where we birth our ideas, opinions, language, passion, and motivation to leave our mark on the world. This chakra helps us remain in healthy relationships with confidence in our bodies and beliefs. Your life has meaning and is colorful. The Divine Feminine Energy originates in our vessels through the creation of this chakra. The sacral chakra's element is water and connects to the moon. You may notice that women sometimes synchronize their monthly cycles with the moon when they are in connection with their sacral chakra energies. This is because the sacral chakra plays a significant role in the transformative phase of the moon. A crescent, symbolizing the moon, is found within a white circle, representing water in the yantra or sacral chakra symbol. The combination of these symbols signifies the relationship between the two. The color associated with the sacral chakra is orange. It is bold no matter what the hue and demands attention. It is hard to ignore the color orange. Likewise, it is hard to ignore the sacral chakra.

Someone who has experienced sexual trauma or finds themselves with sexual addictions might consider giving their sacral chakra some extra love and attention to healing with intention. If we have experienced sexual trauma, we may see a desire to reclaim our self-worth. This behavior can sometimes present as promiscuity or frigidity, which comes from the need to have some sense of sexual control. Doing yoga and meditation work allows the body, mind, and spirit to harmonize themselves together again. We are connecting more to the sacral chakra and sexual energies. There is a great deal of unlearning past behaviors and learning what is healthy for you and what is not.

Be mindful of who you choose to be around—creating a healthy sexual relationship that is loving and nurturing. Practicing celibacy for a short period, such as 40 days, can help you find optimal sexual health and acceptance. Because this chakra involves energies from other people, there is a substantial exchange of energy that occurs during sexual relationships. When we become more mindful of this energy exchange, we can create a deeper relationship with ourselves. When we call for a rise in Divine Feminine Energy, we are trying to make a better relationship with ourselves, understand our desires, emotions, and feelings, and express our needs openly without worrying about judgment. As a result, we can become more desirable and attract our mate that resonates with our frequency while ascending together.

Stay tuned for the Sacral Chakra TGH Toolbox with additional tips and tricks to help you connect with your sacral chakra energy creating balance and alignment.
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