"I started doing yoga for the first time ever almost a year ago and I was completely nervous about it. This class and Bonni have transformed my mind and body. I started this shortly after a car accident and I've avoid surgery on my back and feet! You will be so happy you made this change in your life."



Bonni Sue is the real deal 🙏You can feel all the love, passion and knowledge she had poured into herself and sacred Space. Bonni Sue is authentic, non judgemental and relatable. She has a gift to meet you where you're at. She holds space for you with so I felt so much love, compassion, and safety during my session with her. It was the deepest and most impactful Kàmbo experience of my Journey. Her energy is magical and her heart is gigantic. If you're ready to heal from your "BullShit", Bonni Sue is a dream come true💚

Kambô & Shadow Self Shift

Sonia Lucia

“This is probably the most important review I will ever do

My friend recommended Bonni to me. She didn’t give me much information, but when I first sat with Bonni, for some reason, I knew that it was going to be a lifelong journey.

I met Bonni at a time of my life where I needed direction. I was falling off the page in life, love and parenting, and I was failing inside. Everything needed to change.

Bonni has helped me deal with childhood traumas and issues that I had stored inside of my body for decades that made my life so very difficult.
Since I’ve met Bonni I have sat with Kambô several times and each experience has been a renewal of self; internal self and external self.
Kambô has helped me see things that were affecting my existence. Kambô has given me the tools to overall act as a better human-being and has helped my brian and my heart to access clear intentions. Kambô is now a permanent part of my life. I am so grateful to Kambô and Bonni Sue.”

Shadow Self Shift Program


I went through this program with Bonni and the difference it made in my life is indescribable. It's like I unlocked a secret level within myself. It gave me a new found confidence I didn't think I had and turned my life with depression into a whole different of focus and presence. I appreciate you so much ❤️

Shadow Self Shift Program


Bonni’s Shadow Work program is amazing. I have worked the program twice so far and have experienced much growth and self understanding. The healing journey is ongoing! Bonni provides/shares wisdom, tools, love and helps with clarity for different emotional struggles. Throughout the sessions, she encourages deep self reflection. She helps me dig deep to find the root of what a particular feeling is coming from. She has a very direct but loving approach which is good for me. Learning about myself and chakra balancing has been enlightening and also at times difficult. Working with Bonni is similar to talk therapy at times except she probes deeper and gets me to see truth and it’s much more spiritual too. If you are wanting healing and willing to do your part, I highly recommend this program and working Bonni. She is love and holds space in love!