Magic in the Throat Chakra

Magic in the Throat Chakra

"I am aligned with my highest truth and communicate with love and honour. My words echo softly within the Universe."

Blue Blue Blue. Connect to your open heart chakra and come from a loving, compassionate space when you speak and receive the truth. Working our way up the chakra system brings us to the 5th chakra, a spiritual chakra, the Throat Chakra. This chakra, represented by the color blue, is found in our throat space. Situated mainly in the back of the neck at the base of the throat.

In Sanskrit, this chakra is called Vishuddi, shuddi means purification, and vi means enhances this quality. It is the center of purification, the seat of communication and expression. Dualities of life are accepted here—one to flow with life and let things happen as they will, developing the correct understanding. If we can embrace the lessons of this chakra, our minds can stop causing problems. But unfortunately, this chakra can also be easily polluted rather than purified by allowing lies and falsehood to enter our energy centers.

This chakra can fall into three categories: closed, balanced, and excess, affecting the physical body, mind, and soul. When checking in with our bodies, we should see if we feel aligned with who we are or feel out of touch with our will to live. For example, we could have difficulty speaking our truth and expressing ourselves easily, or we may not be able to speak up for ourselves, finding that we can never get what we want. Finding the right words to say might be hard, or we may see those constant problems involving communication. If our answers to any resonate, then we know we are out of balance. We could also check-in and notice we are talking too much, gossiping, stuttering, lack of consideration, or having compulsive behaviors like overeating. We can see that this charka is in excess energy.

Our goal is to have a balanced throat chakra allowing us to follow our dreams, speak our truth where we say what we mean, and mean what we say. There becomes a sense of comfort in being able to express the feelings and emotions that are developed by the lower chakras. As a result, we can express ourselves easily, creatively, and authentically. We can listen to our inner voice and balance between silence and speech, knowing when to listen and when to speak. A sense of contentment comes with communicating positively and listening consciously. It allows us to receive more from Divine guidance.

Physically this chakra watches and governs quite a few body parts, such as the neck, jaw, teeth, ears, mouth, trachea, thyroid gland, parathyroid gland, vocal cords, cervical vertebrae, esophagus, and upper shoulders. As a result, physical imbalances such as grinding teeth, TMJ, tonsillitis, neck issues, laryngitis, bronchitis, asthma, thyroid dysfunctions, and sore throat may present. You could also have hearing, ear infections, upper arm pain, mouth problems, teeth and gum issues, or the fear of speaking when you find it difficult to express yourself. Withholding or swallowing your words suppresses creative talents.

We have the choice of our personal expression over what we will choose to voice and how we choose to share what we express—taking control over our communication center. As a result, we can easily forgive ourselves and our emotional congestion without being criticized by ourselves and others. We are clearing the karma of our past behaviors with this practice. Our strength of will becomes empowered by following our dreams and personal expression, using personal power to create, and discovering our choice and decision-making capacity. There is no addiction, judgment, or criticism. Everything is fueled by faith.

I mentioned earlier that this chakra could contain much pollution, and I want to explain this concept more. If we look at our bodies as magnets and attract everything into our life, energy significantly impacts our attractions. Programming and conditioning while growing up can dramatically affect this pollution. Discovering what we were taught or shown is a lie. It makes you question everything, which might even lead to psychological issues regarding faith and decision-making. Or you might be able to relate to this. Imagine you are sitting with a friend having a conversation, and all they are doing is complaining about everything, and nothing they are complaining about is relevant. You are ultimately now the new vessel holding onto this negative energy. They have released what they were holding onto by projecting this energy onto you. We may notice that we are holding onto projected energy if we experience neck tightness or pain along with pressure and pain in the upper shoulders. I will discuss some great ways to cleanse your energy and rid yourself of this projected energy in the toolbox.

Coming up next is the Throat Chakra Toolbox. So let us dip into my personal sacred toolbox and see what kind of tools I have to offer you open and balance your Communication Center.

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