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Moonbeam Ritual Box

Moonbeam Ritual Box

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One of my favorite creations was my Traveling Gypsy Hippie Survival Boxes. They were monthly subscription boxes that I would send out every month. The boxes were full of metaphysical tools that could help guide you through the month. I poured so much into those boxes, and I miss the creations that I had put together. When I came to create them, they were a lot, and in the end, they became way too much once I moved into my motorhome. Now that I have my space again, I am being guided back to the idea in FULL FORCE!

I am very excited to announce the arrival of the Moonbeam Ritual Box.

Each box will include over 25 items I carefully crafted or handpicked with thoughtful intention and mindfulness. Just a few items you have to look forward to receiving in your Ritual Box this time around: Crystals, a Collection of a new line of healing essential oil blends, plus the creation of my 80 page activity book helping you navigate the moon through all of its phases.

The Moonbeam RItuals Book has you covered from January to December of 2024, and can be used at any time of year. 
This book was created to walk you through the entire year and all the phases of our lunar cycle, similar to an advent calendar with healing opportunities for the Body, Mind, and Soul.


Moonbeam Rituals Box includes:

    1. Moonbeam Ritual Activity Book
    2. Journal
    3. Incense
    4. Incense Holder
    5. Triple Moon Candle Holder
    6. Black Candle
    7. White Candle
    8. Selenite moon phase wand
    9. Moon Water Vessel
    10. Abalone Shell
    11. California White Sage infused in Copal
    12. Feather Cleansing Wand
    13. Palo Santo Stick
    14. New Moon Oil Blend
    15. Full Moon Oil Blend
    16. Crescent Moon Opalite Pendant
    17. Celestial Wishing Box
    18. Intention Wand
    19. Black Tourmaline
    20. Black Cage Necklace
    21. New Moon Tea from 369 Apothecary
    22. Full Moon Tea from 369 Apothecary
    23. New Moon Crystal Tea Infusion
    24. Full Moon Crystal Tea Infusion
    25. Bookmark
    26. Moonbeam Cleansing Spray
    27. Moonbeam Bar (non-medicated)
    28. Ritual Tray
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