Crown Chakra Toolbox

Crown Chakra Toolbox


When we reach the seventh chakra, most of everything that you will see related to this chakra is more than likely going to involve silence. That is the sound that resonates with this chakra. Stillness in your meditation outside and inside. The ability to turn the volume off in your head, to sit with your highest self, and communicate through silent, non-verbal communication. Feel the conversation. Understand the conversation through feeling. This is usually the struggle that comes along with this chakra and being able to reach samadhi. It is challenging to shush the ego self to be quiet sometimes. The easiest way to quiet my mind is to focus on my breath and guide myself on when to breathe by only focusing on telling myself to inhale and exhale. When I was in meditation schooling, we learned that the fewer breaths we take, the more we can reach a higher state of consciousness. So I challenged myself to lengthen my breaths. I wasn't pushing myself to struggle for my breath but instead worked with timing. To hold my breath within my body, expanding my lungs, allowing my exhale to be slow and controlled.

In the previous toolbox, I shared some music medicine with AUM chanting. I want to bring this piece of music back to the conversation. Quite a few tools packed into this track can also benefit this Crown Chakra. First of all, the medicine music is tuned to crown chakra at the frequency of 963 Hz. If we listen carefully, we can hear a pattern of the music. This is the pattern for our breath to follow. See if you can work with your inhaling and exhaling to sync with the music, and listen to the energy within your body to see how it activates the crown and third eye chakra. Allow the music to guide you, and hold on for the ride, as some may experience trance-like symptoms. 



I have added this blend into a spray bottle with a little bit of Moon Water and a splash of Rose water, and I love to spray myself and my meditation space before and after my practices. 




Standing Backbend (Anuvittasana) 

Start by standing in Tadasana (mountain pose). Toes together, heels together. Knee caps are lifted, and thighs are engaged. You are strong like a mountain. Lift your abdomen (don't suck it in, try to elongate your torso. Roll your shoulders back and down with your hands by your side. As you inhale, raise your arms over your head (like a reverse swan dive), bring your hands together in prayer pose, drop your head and keep your eyes focused on your thumbs. Allow your body to breathe normally, and lower your hands behind you. As you exhale, try to drop farther back, look back, way back. Hang out in this pose for a few breaths and listen to your body when you return to the starting position. It is comfortable to bend forward, bringing your head to your shins and your hands to the ground. 


Rabbit Pose (Sasangasana) 

For this asana, we want to begin by kneeling on the ground and sitting back on our heels. Next, take your mat and drape it over your feet so you are now sitting on your mat on your heels. Next, slowly bend forward and bring your forehead to your knees and the crown of the head to the ground. On your next inhale, keeping your head connected to the ground, lift your hips towards the sky. Try to get your bottom as high in the sky as possible while focusing on your breath. Hold this asana for at least five breaths releasing back to starting position and resting in Child's pose. This is a great pose to use in balance with Camel pose that we learned how to do in the Heart Chakra Toolbox.


Corpse Pose (Shavasana) 

This is one of the most complex asanas to master. My guruji in India explained that this asana is one of the hardest to master because it requires you to relax the entire body, especially the mind, completely. You find this pose at the end of almost every yoga practice. It is also one of the most important asanas of the entire sequence. 

To enter this pose, you will find yourself lying on the ground. Connect your body to your mat as close as you can. Roll your shoulders back and down, trying to allow the tops of the shoulders to be closer to the ground. Lift your bottom and use your hands to pull your bottom meat towards your feet, decreasing the space between your lower back and the mat. Bring your heels together and allow your feet to fall apart gently. Your hands should be by your sides, palms facing the sky. Now close your eyes and imagine the wave of relaxation taking over your entire body, starting from the tips of your toes and moving up your whole body, all the way up the face over the crown of your head. Now focus on your breath and try to quiet your mind. Bring yourself back to our trick mentioned earlier, telling yourself to inhale and exhale. Remain in this asana for at least 7 minutes to obtain the full results.



Purple Jasper is associated with the crown chakra. It is known as the "Fearlessness Stone." It is excellent for banishing nightmares and helping you feel grounded. It can remind you that you are in a safe space within the world. It can help you have a renewed connection to a higher spirit. It enables you to vibrate at your highest frequency. It promotes patience and persistence. Helpful for anyone who may feel overwhelmed. It can help you achieve a balanced relationship filled with love, happiness, and support. It can also help remove anxious feelings offering peace of mind, nurturing, and grounding. It re-energizes the body.


Lepidolite is associated with the crown chakra. It can bring a deep sense of relaxation and inner security, safety, and protection from harm. It can help make true feelings known while helping you trust your instincts and assess different viewpoints. It can also balance nerves and muscles, relieving excess tension carried in the body. It can help you improve your connection to the divinity. It has a sacred art for helping you let go and release what is no longer serving you. It can help you get through complex life changes. It helps you see the negative energy and helps you know where to put focus.


Clear Quartz is associated with the crown chakra but can assist in all the chakras. It has a unique power to take on the energy of any situation. It can strengthen the underlying structure of your aura. This is because having such a good effect on emotional energy and a positive attitude. It can help bolster our spirits and lift us out of dullness. They are beneficial when you feel lost or uncertain. It absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energies, balancing and revitalizing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes, aiding in concentration and unlocking memory while enhancing psychic abilities. It brings balance to the body. It absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy. It has a way of pulling out negative energy of all kinds. It balances all the planes and aligns the aura over the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes. It enhances psychic abilities.

There you have it. Happy Healing!!! Please reach out if you have any questions or would like to share the results of tools that you have incorporated into your Spiritual Toolbox.

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