Magic in the Crown Chakra

Magic in the Crown Chakra

"Beaming bright, beautiful light connected to higher source with the understanding of not knowing anything."

Reaching the 7th chakra as a yogi is like we have reached the end of our journey. This is the highest we can be, a complete state of Samadi. When we find ourselves in harmony with this chakra, we will be in our highest state of consciousness. We become all connected and utterly full of Unity. We have trust that we are connected to the Divine and understand our identity, which goes beyond physical. We become able to elevate our consciousness quickly. This chakra is the seat of spirituality.

The seventh chakra in the main chakra system is the Crown Chakra. In Sanskrit, it is known as Sahasrara. Sahasrara means "thousand," testifying to this chakra as the "lotus of a thousand petals" It appears to be layered. It often contains all the colors of the rainbow, although usually represented by the color white. Sahasrara also means "void" or "dwelling place without support." This chakra is located slightly above the top of the head. Some measure it as being four fingerbreadths above the crown of the head.

When this chakra is out of harmony, we may be unable to let go of anxiety and fear. We might have difficulty trusting our path and our lives in general. We may feel depressed, alone, unsatisfied with life, and possibly even experience anger toward God. We may even be disconnected from the Divine/Source/Universe/God/dess.

This chakra governs and watches over many parts of the brain, and if we are mindful about how we are using our brain, we can understand that working this chakra will also operate these parts. Such as the right hemisphere of the brain and the right eye, the pineal gland, the skull, the brain stem, cranial nerves, the cranial plexus, the cerebral cortex, the nervous system, the brain, the cranium bone, the top of the head, and the central nervous system.

Suppose we find ourselves with energetic disorders, depression, chronic exhaustion that is not linked to a physical ailment, or maybe we experience extreme sensitivity to light/sound/other environmental factors. In that case, this could signify that our crown chakra is out of balance. We could also suffer from apathy, confusion, alienation, or even amnesia. The most commonly experienced are headaches, migraines, dizziness, learning issues, psychosis, and insomnia. I usually feel way too much energy in my upper chakras.

People who suffer from diseases such as Parkinson's, MS, Alzheimer's, Epilepsy, and Schizophrenia could find a lot of relief from their symptoms by focusing on Crown Chakra-focused work.

FromFrom a mental and emotional perspective, many commonly felt symptoms exist. Most commonly, it is difficult or impossible for us to see the bigger picture or perspective. There is probably a lack of faith and inspiration, especially concerning spirituality and devotion. We can have a hard time trusting life, values, and ethics. We can even find challenges involving misunderstanding spiritual principles, including self-love and self-perception. A great way to question we can explore would be, "Can we see ourselves as fully loved by the Divine and worthy of union?" This question could lead us to serenity and peace, no matter what we may go through.

When we discuss this chakra, it makes me want to bring attention to how things can happen. We need to examine issues of entity possession or curses. There is often a link between this chakra and higher planes. Energies or souls committed to darkness often prey on those opening to further light through processes such as the activation of this Crown Chakra. These people committed to dark energy may be too scared or shameful to seek the Divine, and instead, they often try to steal the light from those who have opened themselves to the brilliance of this chakra.

In short, these people will often try to do anything they can to stop the enlightenment process of living, often out of jealousy. By having a clear crown chakra, we can have a more comprehensive understanding of our higher self while maintaining the personality we have already developed. The difference is that we have opened ourselves to expanding our perspectives to understand all others and be able to protect our energy at the same time. Most crown chakra individuals would rather believe in another's positive qualities rather than focus on negativity. This may lead to unhealthy relationships, allowing this individual to endure harmful treatment. Struggling to manage their relationship with the dark in the world, they can sense others' potential or true essence.

I want to touch on the gland that this chakra is associated. We will go into it more profoundly in another blog, but let's start the conversation about the Pineal Gland. What is the pineal gland? It is a pinecone-shaped gland that lives in the diencephalon section of the brain. If you have never heard of the diencephalon section of the brain, it is the mid-brain area. The pineal gland is located behind the pituitary gland in between the brain's two hemispheres. Most systems suggest the petals of the pineal gland cover the lower part of the brain, which runs much of the limbic system, enabling the actual transformation from our "flight, fight, or freeze" self to a higher state of consciousness. We sometimes refer to this as a calcified pineal gland not allowing us to reach that higher state of consciousness.

The pineal gland could very well be the seat of the soul. It has the vital function of secreting a series of hormones that regulate the body's endocrine functions. It controls the nervous system's relationship with various endocrine signals. This gland produces, in small portions within our bodies, 5-methoxy-dimethyl-tryptamine (5-MeO-DMT) and dimethyltryptamine (DMT) in addition to tryptophan, serotonin, melatonin, and pinoline. It is essential to know that these hormones are present naturally within us and can become activated based on situations we may find ourselves in, most commonly spoken about when someone has a near-death experience.

We will discuss the pineal gland a bit more in the Crown Chakra toolbox coming up next. It is also such an important topic of conversation that we will definitely come back to this subject in the future. It is so fascinating seeing scientific studies and ancient theories come together. Very excited to talk more about how we can open, activate, and balance this Seventh Chakra energy. Stay tuned for the Crown Chakra Toolbox.
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