Throat Chakra Toolbox

Throat Chakra Toolbox

Welcome to my Throat Chakra Toolbox, a box I open often. I am drawn to the color Blue quite often. In my profession, I need to speak clearly, and in a way others can understand. So when I need to have a meaningful conversation, it is helpful to wear the color blue. I usually focus on something blue that will go around my neck and sit close to my throat chakra, and like everything, I set an intention before putting it on. 


Like I mentioned earlier about wearing the color blue or being drawn to wearing a blue necklace, I have a few crystals that I usually keep close to me.


Lapis Lazuli helps create and maintain spiritual connections allowing you to speak your truth. It can also increase psychic and intuitive awareness and is associated with truth, balance, and justice. At the same time, it promotes courage and inner strength and brings clarity of thoughts and mind. It can aid in concentration in meditation and is known for drawing anxieties to the surface. It symbolizes inspiration and wisdom. It also is very effective against depression.

Kyanite symbolizes lightness and leads to new thoughts. Greeks identified the stone as the protective stone of seafarers. They were used as an offering to those about to embark on long journeys. It can produce positive energy while sharpening concentration and encouraging confidence. It can relax and drive away sadness, making life seem worth living. It can calm and release blocked emotions, bringing tranquility and quietness to mind. It can aid in meditation and access to all levels of awareness. It can act like a catalyst to speed up other processes linking all the things together rapidly.


Chrysocolla promotes calmness, goodness, and tolerance. It can help strengthen intuitions. It has a very beneficial effect on children encouraging good bone formation and growth. It can help you connect to your feminine energy, offering a balance between masculine and feminine energies within us all. It can lower stress and tension while reducing anger and hate. Allows inner wisdom to be surfaced and heard.


You are probably thinking, yoga for the throat chakra? What am I going to do? Bend my neck in weird ways?? Well yeah, but with intention. Here are some of my favorite yoga poses that help open, activate, and balance the throat chakra. Listen to your body as you are trying to get into these poses. Shoulder stand pose is really no joke. However, after you find yourself rolling around on your mat, maybe cursing at yourself (I did this), laughing until you want to cry, I promise you that you will have an aha moment and finally get it. You are trying to use the wrong muscles. So please be patient with yourself and try to have fun with it. Your breath should guide you, so your body will stop moving if you stop breathing.


Bridge Pose

To begin this pose, lie flat on your back. I begin with a check-in of my body, starting with the crown of my head. You want to make sure that your shoulders are as flat on the ground as I can make them. To do this asana, roll your shoulders back and down, causing the tops of the shoulders to move closer to the earth. This will usually cause the lower back to arch a bit. Next, we need to decrease the space we just created. Lift your bottom off the ground, use your hands to move your buttock muscles towards your feet, and gently lower your back to the mat. Bend your knees, bringing the soles of your feet to the mat, and get your heels to touch your bottom. You can use your hands and pull your feet if you need to. Your feet should be about hip-width distance apart. Place your hands by your side, focusing on your breath, and lift your bottom off the ground on your next inhalation. You are creating a "draw bridge" with your body. Tuck your pelvis, keeping the spine straight, and lift the abdomen. You can use your arms to support your back if you like, or you can interlock your hands together underneath your back and pull your hands towards your feet, keeping your arms on the ground. There are many variations so listen to your body and what feels right. You should feel a nice stretch in the neck and shoulder space, maybe even an opening of the hip area. You can hang out in this pose as long as you feel comfortable with at least five breaths, breathing normally. I enjoy placing a block under my sacrum area to help lift my bottom off the mat so I can focus on the neck and shoulders for about 5 minutes. To exit the pose, exhale, releasing the bottom back to the ground.


Shoulder Stand 

After releasing ourselves from our previous pose, Bridge Pose, we can begin to recheck our alignment. Think about how we got into bridge pose and the muscles that we used. Instead of inhaling and lifting the bottom, we will inhale and kick our legs up to the sky. We are lifting the abdomen, trying to elongate our torso, just like what we were trying to do in bridge pose. Keep your elbows close to your body, using your arms to support your back. The weight of our body should NOT be putting pressure on our necks once we are in the asana correctly. Our weight should rest on our shoulders, while the neck should be straight with no bend, free of compression. Think about making the letter L with our bodies. Your head and shoulder are the little lines, and your legs are the larger line. *TEACHER TRICK: Use a strap or belt and measure the distance from one tip of the shoulder to the other. While lying on your back, bring the strap around both arms. The strap should be above the elbow so you can bend the arm. The idea is that the strap will help keep your "wings" close. This alignment will help release any pressure you may have on the neck. Your toes and legs should be engaged and pulling toward the sky.


Plow Pose 

This asana is one of my favorite variations of the previous two asanas. We go through the exact body alignment, and then instead of reaching the toes towards the sky, we will allow the feet to fall over our head. Try to touch your toes to the ground, relax, and breathe. This is a resting pose, similar to shoulder stand, so take your time and listen to your body. If you cannot touch your toes to the ground, you can utilize a block and extend the ground closer to your toes to begin to gain muscle memory. Hold this asana for at least five breaths focusing on the throat chakra.

Essential Oil Blends

I keep something handy at a moment's notice to activate the throat chakra while on the go, an essential oil blend. I carry all the essential oil blends for every chakra in my purse because I never know when I might need to boost my energy with my senses. So here is the recipe that I absolutely LOVE!


Mantra and Meditations

Sing your heart out. If we have worked together privately in a reiki session specific to the throat chakra, you may have heard me suggest finding one of your favorite songs to which you know all the words and singing as loud as you can. Oh, the power of the car radio and the throat chakra. It can help. The throat chakra starts with sound and vibrations and starts within us and the words we choose to use, or lack of words. If we find ourselves very quiet, there may be some blockages or clutter happening with this chakra, and the best way to clear things out is to give it a sound activation with the vocal cords. You can always work with affirmations if you don't feel like singing. "I speak" is a great start, choosing how to use our words and being able to connect to the heart chakra with compassion with our words. If you can't find a favorite song and want a more ancient healing option, you can use "HAM" chanting H-A-M while using a throat chakra-activated mantra will also provide many benefits. You will begin to hear the chakra clearing as you chant this mantra. 


We have yet to talk about it much in some of the other toolboxes, but eating food with intention will also help each chakra. When it comes to the throat chakra, there are some hidden tricks I wanted to share. When we think about this chakra and what can benefit it, indulging in some hot tea is definitely a favorite. Some herbs that work so well with the throat chakra are peppermint, slippery elm, and spearmint. You can sometimes find premade blends like this from Nature's Medicine or even Yogi or Stash.


I mentioned in the blog previously that I would share a great way to keep your throat chakra clear from outside influence, and one of my favorite ways to do this is by utilizing a salt scrub when I am in the shower. I use a homemade salt scrub using coconut oil and the essential oil blend above. As I scrub the backs of my shoulders and neck, I release any energy that is not mine and does not serve me. I watch the water run down the drain, ensuring that these energy cords have been removed and transmuted. 

I really hope this toolbox helps you on your journey. So stay tuned for Magic in the Third Eye.

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