What is Shadow Work?

Shadow work involves shining a light on the aspects of ourselves that we have hidden or denied, such as fears, insecurities, and past traumas. By bringing awareness to these shadow aspects with compassion and acceptance, we create a safe space for exploration and healing. Instead of pushing away or rejecting these parts of ourselves, we acknowledge them with kindness and curiosity, allowing them to surface and be integrated into our conscious awareness.

Grab your shovel... let's dig

Let's explore the distinction between the ego mind and the higher self, cultivating a deeper connection to aid personal growth and ascension. With guided support, you can nurture a stronger bond with your higher self, addressing past traumas and fostering healing. Delving into the root chakra, you will identify triggers and traumas, learning to shift perspectives when these surface.

While on the journey...

Through this journey, individuals will deepen their self-connection, enhancing all aspects of their relationships and interactions. The program facilitates integration with one's shadows, fostering a sense of wholeness and personal integration. We will address generational traumas and past life karmic patterns, reconnecting with your inner child while acknowledging your shadow side. Emphasis is placed on reconnecting with one's Divine Feminine essence, releasing fear and judgment through introspection.

The take away...

•Discover the difference between the ego mind and the higher self and how each is connected to help us grow and ascend.
•Form a better relationship with your higher self and heal through past traumas with guidance and support.
•Dive deep into the root chakra, discovering triggers and traumas and learn how to shift perspectives when these come to the surface.
•Connect deeper to yourself, benefiting all relationships and interactions in your life.
•Integrate with your shadows.
•Feel whole and integrated as a person.
•Heal generational traumas and past life karmic patterns.
•Reconnect with your inner child while becoming aware of your shadow. 
•Reconnect with your Divine Feminine essence.
•Release fear and judgment while looking deeper inward. 
•Become aware that the shadows are a part of us and show us the spaces within us that need healing and compassion. 
•Learn how to observe yourself without judgment.
•Learn different ways to perceive your experiences.
•Discover how to love yourself unconditionally.
•Chakra balancing with distance Reiki infused space
•Learn Energetic Cord Cutting techniques.
•Healing family relationships
•PTSD, Depression, and Anxiety management

Shadow Work vs. Lightwork

As a shadow worker over the years, I have experienced a sense of conflict or tension when trying to fit into the light worker community or other spiritual circles. Shadow work and light work represent distinct approaches to healing and spiritual growth. Shadow work involves shining a light on uncomfortable truths, unresolved emotions, and suppressed aspects of the self, while lightworkers focus on promoting positivity and light.

Even though shadow workers and lightworkers may have different primary focuses and intentions, they often share a common toolbox of modalities and techniques aimed at supporting individuals on their journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. Since shadow workers may bring awareness to darker or taboo subjects that others may prefer to avoid, this can make some individuals uncomfortable or resistant to engaging with shadow work. This fundamental difference in focus and approach can create a sense of dissonance or misunderstanding between shadow and light workers.

Understanding this difference in practice is important. The work that I do involves confronting the darker, hidden aspects of the self, which can be intimidating for those who are not ready or willing to explore their own shadows. Fear of the unknown can lead some individuals to project their discomfort onto shadow workers, labeling them as "bad" or "dangerous." When individuals feel challenged or triggered by the shadow work process, they may react defensively as a way to protect themselves from feeling vulnerable or exposed.

Embracing shadow work requires courage, vulnerability, and a willingness to confront one's own darkness. It is a path of complete transformation and evolution that may not resonate with everyone. While some individuals may be drawn to the light and positivity of light work, others may feel called to explore the depths of their psyche and embrace the shadow as an integral part of their spiritual journey.

My Master Tool: Distance Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. To explain this definition further, I describe the energy within our chakras and the energy centers within our bodies. Energy should flow freely throughout the body, but sometimes we can hold onto things that serve us no purpose. This energy can later become a blockage within our body. These blockages are not allowing the energy of our life force energy to flow freely. Symptoms can be both physical and energetic. I act as a channel between you and the Universe, loosening and removing panema (negative stuck energy) that creates blockages. Since Reiki is a Universal Energy, it can be performed in person and distantly.

Reiki travels through the vibrations of the Universe. Therefore, it is not bound by any form of Religion but operates within the Laws of the Life Force Energy that is present everywhere. Reiki energy is not directed by the person channeling it; the person receiving it is directing the Reiki with their intentions. Because of this, Reiki energy can not cause harm. It has built-in protection against negative energies. Reiki energy can be sent at a distance, anywhere in the world. It can even be sent and programmed to arrive at a time and place in the future.There is a limitless source of Universal Energy, and it does not take away the energy of the person channeling the Reiki.

Reiki restores inner balance and relaxes us. When energy can flow freely without blockages, we can experience complete internal control. It brings things to the surface so they can be released. Reiki can help relieve pain and discomfort while helping reduce stress and anxiety, awakening intuition and self-awareness. In addition, it is beneficial in relieving depression, strengthening self-esteem, aiding in relaxation, and can even help improve sleep. Energetically, it can clear blockages and suppressed emotions, and physically it can increase blood flow and circulation, strengthen the immune system, release toxins, and smooths digestion.

Are you Ready to invest in yourself?

Cancellation Policy for Reiki Sessions Effective 7/1/24

Cancellations made within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time will incur a penalty charge of $35.

Shadow Self Shift program must be completed within 10 weeks of initial session.

Meet Bonni Sue your Reiki Master Teacher

Bonni Sue is a Usui Tibetan Seichem Kundalini Reiki Master Teacher.
She received her Usui Tibetan 1st degree Reiki attunement in 2016 shortly after completing 200 hours of yoga teacher training. She sat with this attunement for nearly 2 years focusing on self reiki treatments before receiving her 2nd degree Usui Tibetan Reiki attunement in 2018. It was during this integration that Bonni Sue was called to focus on her Distance Reiki craft. She began to meet and help more people the more she traveled and has continued to hold space for these same people even after she has traveled on. 2020, became the perfect year to completely pull away from hands on reiki treatments and put all her confidence behind her distance work. In 2021 she began studying for her 3rd degree Usui Seichem, a lineage originating in Egypt and she received her Master attunement in 2023. When focusing more with her Kundalini energy she was called to expand her Reiki lineage and incorporated a Kundalini Reiki Master Attunement to her resume in 2022.

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