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Spring Equinox Rituals 2024 Activity Book

Spring Equinox Rituals 2024 Activity Book

Ready to shake things up this season?

Get ready for a cosmic journey with a book full of celestial updates, weekly rituals, creative journal prompts, and activities to refresh your body, mind, and soul.

Hey there, radiant souls! I'm the one and only Bonni Sue, and let me tell you - the sky's the limit for me! I look up to the sky for soulful guidance, like my own personal cheerleader nudging me to groove with my inner vibes. With my Reiki mastery, Kambo wizardry, yoga prowess, and spiritual wisdom, I've whipped up this cosmic guide to help you vibe with your true self, stay on track, and sprinkle in some fun along the way. Buckle up for a wild cosmic journey through the Spring Equinox Season, where we'll cook up some stellar rituals, tap into lunar magic, fine-tune those chakras, create your own magical tools, and level up your self-care game. Ready for this mystical escapade? Remember, the magic starts right where you are! And if you ever hit a cosmic pothole or need a high-five to conquer those hurdles, fear not - I'm here, your cosmic cheerleader, ready to root for you every step of the way! My space is always open to those wanting to connect. You can join us through distance Zoom and share space in a nurturing environment where individuals connect, share wisdom, and celebrate the feminine aspects of spirituality and consciousness. Roots & RItuals is offered every Wednesday at 6 pm (Arizona time) a Weekly Women Wednesdays.

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